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    Paul Kirschner, et al.

    Chapter One
    Simon Buckingham Shum

    Chapter Two
    Jan van Bruggen, et al.

    Chapter Three
    Gellof Kansellar, et al.

    Chapter Four
    Chad Carr

    Chapter Five
    Tim van Gelder

    Chapter Six
    Jeff Conklin

    Chapter Seven
    Albert Selvin

    Chapter Eight
    Robert Horn

    Chapter Nine
    Simon Buckingham Shum
    et al.

    Douglas Engelbart



Visualizing Argumentation: Software Tools for Collaborative and Educational Sense-Making.
Paul A. Kirschner, Simon J. Buckingham Shum and Chad S. Carr (Eds.)
Springer-Verlag: London
ISBN 1-85233-6641-1

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Chapter 6

Dialog Mapping: Reflections on an Industrial Strength Case Study

Jeff Conklin
CogNexus Institute, and George Mason University, USA

(enlargements/colour versions of reduced/black and white figures in the book)

Figure 6.1: Dialog map segment showing all three IBIS elements. Note the spreadsheet program icon in the upper left which is a hot link to a background source document for the discussion.

Figure 6.3: Use of a Reference node to link to an external document (spreadsheet) to back up an answer.

Figure 6.4: An example of how QuestMap's generic Map container for IBIS discussions has been adapted to other purposes, coupled with Reference nodes to external resources. EAD staff members have evolved a "time-line" map format to organize all of the maps and documents associated with a project, with time progressing left to right.

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