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    Paul Kirschner, et al.

    Chapter One
    Simon Buckingham Shum

    Chapter Two
    Jan van Bruggen, et al.

    Chapter Three
    Gellof Kansellar, et al.

    Chapter Four
    Chad Carr

    Chapter Five
    Tim van Gelder

    Chapter Six
    Jeff Conklin

    Chapter Seven
    Albert Selvin

    Chapter Eight
    Robert Horn

    Chapter Nine
    Simon Buckingham Shum
    et al.

    Douglas Engelbart



Visualizing Argumentation: Software Tools for Collaborative and Educational Sense-Making.
Paul A. Kirschner, Simon J. Buckingham Shum and Chad S. Carr (Eds.)
Springer-Verlag: London
ISBN 1-85233-6641-1

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Chapter 7

Fostering Collective Intelligence: Helping Groups Use Visualized Argumentation

Albert M. Selvin
Verizon Communications, USA

(enlargements/colour versions of reduced/black and white figures in the book)

Figure 7.1: Map showing portion of an open, minimally structured discussion.

Figure 7.2: Map showing results of brainstorming, grouping, and labeling exercise.

Figure 7.3: Task template from Y2KCP Project.

Figure 7.4: Early call completion process map using the task template.

Figure 7.5: Auto-generated diagrammatic output.

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