Frequently Asked Questions

This is a list of answers to commonly asked questions by users of Bayesian Knowledge Discoverer (BKD).

Installation: Problems encountered installing BKD Version 1.0b for MS Windows 95/NT.

Question: I get the Error Message: "one .DLL required. MSVCRT.DLL has not benn found."
Answer:  This is a MS library. You can find it at the US Digital site as:
Bugs: Problems encountered using BKD Version 1.0b for MS Windows 95/NT.
Question: In which format has to be a database to be used by BKD?
Answer:  Apologies, this is a documentation bug. The file must be in ASCII tab or space delimited format. Never mind the extension *.db required by BKD. The real format should be *.txt

Question: The exhaustive search option returns an error.
Answer:  Bug. It will be fixed in the next version.

Question: What happened to the Unix Version?
Answer:  We are negotiating a deal with the software vendor to avoid run time charges. Stay tuned for further developments.

Question: The arc inversion search strategy creates cyclic networks.
Answer:  Bug, sorry. Cyclicity check works for manually defined graphs. Thanks to Robert Cowell for spotting the bug.