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Project overview

example of an exhibit label The Bletchley Park Text system is an information service provided for visitors to Bletchley Park, the home of the British Government's Code and Cipher School during the Second World War. The Park is now a museum dedicated to telling the story of the work done there and the influence it has had on our modern day communications and computing technology.

Visitors to the museum identify the items of interest to them by sending SMS text messages containing keywords taken from labels on the exhibits. These messages are later used to select relevant resources, which are organised into a number of views and presented as a personalised website for the visitor to explore when they return home from their visit.



sample screen shot Visitors can access the resources related to their chosen subjects in the following ways and modify their chosen set of terms:

Click here to try the system for yourself



The Bletchley Park Text system was developed for Bletchley Park by Paul Mulholland, Trevor Collins and Zdenek Zdrahal (design and implementation), Magda Machkova (content preparation and description) and Sarah Sutcliffe (graphic design) at The Open University, UK. The interviews and historical accounts presented in this system were collected by the Bletchley Park Trust.



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