Package edu.ou.kmi.buddyspace.plugins.disco.xml

Class Summary
DiscoFeature DiscoFeature contains <feature> tag from disco#info.
DiscoFeatureBuilder DiscoFeatureBuilder is used to construct DiscoFeature objects
DiscoFeatureHandler Handler class to build DiscoFeature objects.
DiscoIdentity DiscoIdentity contains <identity> tag from disco#info.
DiscoIdentityBuilder DiscoIdentityBuilder is used to construct DiscoIdentity objects
DiscoIdentityHandler Handler class to build DiscoIdentity objects.
DiscoItem DiscoItem contains <item> tag from disco#items.
DiscoItemBuilder DiscoItemBuilder is used to construct DiscoItem objects
DiscoItemHandler Handler class to build DiscoItem objects.
IQDiscoInfo IQDiscoInfo contains <query xmlns=''> tag.
IQDiscoInfoBuilder IQDiscoInfoBuilder is used to construct IQDiscoInfo objects
IQDiscoInfoHandler Handler class to build <x xmlns=''> objects
IQDiscoItems IQDiscoItems contains <query xmlns=''> tag.
IQDiscoItemsBuilder IQDiscoItemsBuilder is used to construct IQDiscoItems objects
IQDiscoItemsHandler Handler class to build <x xmlns=''> objects