Package edu.ou.kmi.buddyspace.utils

Class Summary
AlertsDockableWindow AlertsDockableWindow is DockableWindow, which supports handling of alerts - when new messages is displayed in different way.
AlertsWinManager AlertsWinManager is manager of AlertsDockableWindows, which supports handling of alerts - displays windows with new messages in different way.
AutoScrollTextPane AutoScrollTextPane is JTextPane subclass which provides styles for IM and automatically scrolls to the top or bottom.
BSMapFilter BSMapFilter provides filtering of map files for JFileChooser.
DockableWindow DockableWindow is window which can be docked or stand-alone.
FileCopier FileCopier provides copying of files.
History History provides logging and storing of messages, etc.
ImageFilter ImageFilter provides filtering of image files for JFileChooser.
ImagePanel Image Panel is a panel displaying given image in given scale.
ImgIconListCellRenderer ImgIconListCellRenderer provides rendering of cell containing ImgIcons with description texts.
OSVersion OSVersion provides different system and JRE info functions.
SoundPlayer SoundPlayer provides basic sound playing functionality.
URLFileTransfer URLFileTransfer provides web up/downloading functionality.
WinManager WinManager is manager of DockableWindows.