Package org.jabber.jabberbeans.sax

Class Summary
HandlerEntry Each instance of this class is responsible for handling a single XML namesapce, or element type, All packet and extension types are represented by SubHandlers, and each subhandler per connection has an HandlerEntry.
HandlerFactory This class is responsible for translating xmlns="*" tags into appropriate object builders for creating Extension-derived objects.
InfoQueryHandler Handle part of an XML stream with a SAX parser
InputStreamHandler Creates a thread and handles the input part of an XMLStream via a SAX parser
MessageHandler This is the SubHandler for "<message>" objects.
OutputStreamHandler Threaded queue for outgoing data, so that packets send asynchronously
PacketSubHandler PacketSubHandler, which provides a framework to subclass for handling base packet types.
PresenceHandler PresenceHandler, which is used to create presence packets
SubHandler Subhandlers are registered with the main document handler to handle all data within an element with a specific name.
XMLStreamDocumentHandler Main (top level) handler given to a SAX-enabled parser.
XMLStreamErrorHandler XMLStream error parsing code, used to parse stream:error packets (protocol-level errors)
XMLStreamHeaderHandler XMLStream header parsing code, which generates the XMLStreamHeader objects for the session.