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BuddySpace client is implemented in Java using the JabberBeans library for basic Jabber protocol based communication. The JRE version 1.4.1 is recommended althout 1.3 is also supported. Native pieces (system tray icon, screensaver notification) are written in C++.


BuddySpace architecture is highly modular using system of plug-ins to separate different modules typically providing specialized functionality or handling a specific part of the protocol. Read more...


Plug-ins in current version of BuddySpace are loaded from the main window class. General calls are used for communication between the plug-ins. Each call contains namespace of the required operation and list of parameters. Read more...

API documentation

BuddySpace source codes are commented and Javadoc is available for on-line browsing and download. Read more...


We encourage anybody to develop his/her own extensions to BuddySpace or use it as a base for own applications. On our discussion forum we provide advice to developers. Read more...


The sources of BuddySpace are available on sourceforge.net. For download of binaries, please, use our download page. Read more...

Developers' links

Other links

  • FlashMeeting - simple one-click video conference used by BuddySpace
  • ELeGI - European Learning Grid Infrastructure project