BuddySpace Maps 'How-To' Guide

BuddySpace maps use bitmap images as background maps, along with dots superimposed on the maps, which display positions of buddies or their clusters.

Maps allow combining of sub-maps using layers. Each map consists of several layers. Each layer stands for an independent sub-map. Layers can be moved and resized to achieve the desired composition.

Layer can be defined either directly in map file (inline) or as a reference to other map file. Inline layer contains a bitmap and several buddies.

Map tag structure

Editor manual


you can find the following examples in examples directory in maps and test them directly in BuddySpace

1) single map with 2 JIDs

2) map with 2 layers - big map with an inset

3) map with layer referencing another map and defined inset

4) map with cluster hierarchy