In addition to the regular menu items described below, please note that double-clicking on a name in your roster automatically launches a chat window, and right-clicking on a name in your roster brings up many convenient options which you should expore. The main BuddySpace menu bar provides the following capabilities:
  • Jabber: This allows you to connect/disconnect; open chat with a user whose name you have highlighted in the roster (you can double-click on a name instead); send/broadcast message as a one-off to either an individual or to groups of individuals at once; browse services for more advanced Jabber users (try it!); create/join a multi-user groupchat; set preferences, or exit entirely. For 'pro' users, there are also advanced options for Service discovery (if you are connected to a Jabber server providing such a capability), and Plans, described further in the Plans section of Preferences.
  • Presence: set your 'Presence' state to one of the following 5 standard Jabber settings (online, free for chat, low attention/busy, online but elsewhere (e.g. roaming laptop), away, extended away, do not disturb) or a 'custom' setting where you fill in the text string that other Jabber users will see.
  • Roster: this allows you to refresh the list (sometimes useful if you have had connection problems); add a contact; change a contact (useful if you want to select a name and then change the contact's group, for example); delete a contact.
  • View: you can alter the BuddySpace display by checking or unchecking (ticking or unticking) the choices displayed here. Because there are so many options, they are described in the section entitled Views.
  • Bookmarks: You can access favourite maps, multi-user chat rooms, and even launch external applications by adding them to the Bookmarks menu. These are described in the section entitled Bookmarks.
  • Maps: Graphical depictions of your entire roster can be displayed in any representation of your choosing, including diagrams, geographical maps, timelines, trees, and numerous other possibilities.
  • Help: allows you to check for updates and see acknowledgements about the implementation and sponsorship of BuddySpace