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What is Citischool ?

Citischool is not a building. Instead of moving from class to class within one building, students move from workplace to workplace. Learning takes place at a range of sites across the city - mainly in the city centre - and involves a range of adults other than teachers.


What matters most to learning is motivation, how learners feel about themselves and those around them. Citischool provides positive learning relationships in which adults listen and show deep respect for honesty, fairness and self-control. In Citischool, young adults are expected to build and maintain these relationships.


All young people are active learners and citizens, enjoying choice and responsibility, and all citizens are teachers.



To prepare 15-16 year olds for employment, lifelong learning and active citizenship, using a network of citizens, individual and corporate, to provide cost-effective action learning experiences.


Citischool offers learning opportunity for all regardless of sex, colour, size or shape.

CNM's Involvement

CNM has provided an administrative backbone for the citischool project, written in ColdFusion and based on the system proven in the CLUTCH project.

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Scheme administrators keep track of the students, their teaching locations and session schedule via a comprehensive diary, whilst able to provide attendance and puctuality data to the local education authority.

citiSchool booking and attendance diary

Students can to post news stories about the tasks they are required to undertake.

citischool news system

Citischool is supported by BT, JHP Training and Milton Keynes Council, as well as the Open University, and was funded by the Learning & Skills Council for Milton Keynes, Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire.