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learning about IT by building something lasting, unique and of real value to your community.

Imagine, perhaps, that you are the parent of school age children who can find out about what they get up to with information technology. You might be able to work with a mentoring teacher, in your child's school and learn enough key IT skills to build a website that your kids class could use in their curriculum.

Now imagine that your group of learners are volunteers who want to explain how their community initiative operates, or co-workers who want to explain to their company how important their current project is. What they all want is to learn IT-with-a-purpose; learning basic skills, yes - but by creating something genuinely important and useful. We believe that we can show them the way.

How do we know the CLUTCH Concept works?

We have already tried and tested the first example in two CLUTCH Concept programmes:

website: CLUTCH - Millennium Awards

website: CABER - CLUTCH as a broadband educational resource

For further information:

download: CLUTCH - Concept and Practice (pdf 124k)

download: Millennium Awards - Evaluation Report (pdf 28k)

download: Millennium Awards - Case Studies (pdf 1.7MB)

contact: Chris Valentine (bearing in mind the project has finished)