e-Dance featured in JISC briefing

10 09 2007

e-Dance is highlighted today in the JISC briefing Research in the arts and humanities: an overview of JISC activities.  

“e-Science in the arts and humanitiesSuch investigations are not only opening up new avenues in arts and humanities research, but are also testing and extending the present range of e-science technologies. An example is the development of the Access Grid, a form of advanced video conferencing for distributed collaborations in performing arts and motion capture (see box left).   

Dancing with virtual partners

A ground-breaking project on dance choreography is being funded by the joint AHRC/EPSRC/JISC Arts and Humanities e-Science Initiative. Led by the University of Bedfordshire, using Access Grid technology, Relocating Choreographic Process will develop a suite of software tools to enable choreographers to annotate dance video recordings, plan collaborative pieces using networked virtual spaces over the internet, and weave material from recordings into live performances. This will give the Access Grid, originally developed for advanced video conferencing purposes, a powerful and exciting new role as a medium for collaborative artistic performance and related research.”



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