Software Developments for the first research intensive

24 04 2008

The software requirements for the first research intensive were local recording and playback plus any developments from the ‘wish list’ which we would manage till than.  That is what we provided:

  • audio transmission; previous code just supported the receiving of audio
  • local recorder and playback; recording of all local and received video and audio streams
  • support of fire-wire camcorders
  • option to remove window frames from video windows
  • transparency of windows; current method does not work with video windows on top of video windows
  • Soft- edged windows; same restriction as above, but nice without the window frame on a background
  • for playback a time line set  in minutes from the beginning – can be used to jump around in a recording

In the end we were traveling with all required equipment to Bedford and had to put in a number of last minute bug fixes during our time there. The final recordings on the last day we managed without a single software crash – we learnt what not to do 🙂



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