Thoughts and Points from DRHA’08

23 09 2008

The presentation consisted of a related group of projects under the theme of interfaces; sort of sub title ‘where is the interface’. A sub-context was on tool building and their use. There were a few comments and questions during and after the set of presentations.

  • Couple of questions considered the use of ‘visualization’ tools that could be used in the creative process, and creating new processes. This was an area of obvious exploitation.
  • An issue was the new choreographic modes developed.
  • Also interest was raised in new annotation methods – and what an interface for practical purpose may be needed.
  • A comment asked what was new with this mix of telepresence; and an important emphasis needs to be the research benefits that choreography gains from ‘pushing e-science to the limits, as well as importantly the reverse that is the benefits HCI and the e-science communitybenefits from the project. Onecurrent benefit for e-science has been thinking of interface design without being encumbored by the ususl Apple/MS Windows philosophies.
  • Tool reuse – how much customisation should there be and if we are suporting the right tool base. There is a continual debate over which tools to use and if it is easier to develop or search for other tools already there with similar features to those required.

Panel at DRHA’08



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