Brandon Hill lamp-posts: Questions

Why are all three of the lamp-posts either leaning, or have their lamps off-centre? Was there an earth tremor in Bristol? (Perhaps like in Narnia, these lamp-posts have been here since the dawn of time, and they moved when the hill rose up!)

Who was the Bristol Foundry Company? I can’t find anything on Google… How would I research them next if I want to? Bristol Library I guess.

How many men did it take to get a post up?

How deep does a post have to go to stay up? (I realise that I ask “how deep does this go?” to myself a lot, when I see buildings, fences, etc. I’ve never recognised that consciously before)

Have they always been electric, or have they been there long enough that originally they were gas?

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  1. Rebecca says:

    Somebody else is interested in the streetlights of Bristol

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