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Objective criteria from personal knowledge

Posted on behalf of Tim Small: While we are looking at criteria for assessment for our enquiry process, I wondered if you’d be interested in the framework I developed and presented in an article published in The Curriculum Journal last … Continue reading

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Assessment presentations: some slides

The final assessment event brings together a learner’s presentation of their enquiry. Send me yours if you want me to add them to the list below (remove any proprietary material), or just post your own blog or comment with a … Continue reading

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Assessment possibilities?

Picking up on the comments from Kayte and Mark on assessment… one of the things we might hope EnquiryBlogger could help with is evaluation, both formative and summative, for both learners and coaches/educators. We need to develop a rigorous discipline … Continue reading

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Post-event reflections on the experiment

Hi all, This post is simply an anchor under which you can post further comments reflecting on the last two days, without having to get a user account etc. cheers, Simon

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Creation myths: initial steps in the inquiry

Here are two maps that track my inquiry around the core question: To what extent can we treat the Narnia lamp-post story as part of a creation myth? This is refined into two sub-questions: Taking the first question, the beginnings … Continue reading

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Another way to knowledge map

Kate’s stickies…

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Brandon Hill lamp-posts: Mapping

Here’s my knowledge map as it stands, done in Compendium. I dragged the movies and photos I took of the posts, and then connected them to the questions that arise, before going deeper on the Narnia theme: Although I am … Continue reading

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Bristol gets earthquakes!

Hunting on the net I find that Bristol may well be in an area that gets tremors, so perhaps my hypothesis is right! Small earth tremor rumbles underneath the Bristol Channel Small earthquake shook Burnham-On-Sea and Bridgwater

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Brandon Hill lamp-posts: Questions

Why are all three of the lamp-posts either leaning, or have their lamps off-centre? Was there an earth tremor in Bristol? (Perhaps like in Narnia, these lamp-posts have been here since the dawn of time, and they moved when the … Continue reading

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Dialogue Map of morning reflections about “Choosing”

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