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Language for thinking and learning capabilities

The LF reserach team had a discussion about terminology. We decided that it is important to distinguish between the thinking and learning capabilities which learners use when in the process of an enquiry and the steps, or pedagogical framing of … Continue reading

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Mocked-up tools – for discussion

Simon and I discussed some ideas for EnquiryBlogger tools yesterday. The PowerPoint embedded below shows some mock-ups. What do you think? Could these be useful to you / to the learners you work with? How could they be improved? What … Continue reading

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Assessment possibilities?

Picking up on the comments from Kayte and Mark on assessment… one of the things we might hope EnquiryBlogger could help with is evaluation, both formative and summative, for both learners and coaches/educators. We need to develop a rigorous discipline … Continue reading

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Post-event reflections on the experiment

Hi all, This post is simply an anchor under which you can post further comments reflecting on the last two days, without having to get a user account etc. cheers, Simon

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