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Dryads are tree nympphs in Greek mythology. Drys means oak, so they are spcifically the nymphs of oak trees. Meliai are dryads of ash trees. Epimliad are dryads of apple trees. Kraneiai are dryads of cherry trees. Caryatids aren’t just … Continue reading

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Identifying my tree

A lot of my questions require me to know what sort of tree I was viewing, so I have posted some pictures on iSpot. It wasn’t easy to take pictures, as the tree is too heavily pruned to give any … Continue reading

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This blog has eight categories, relating to the eight dynamics of a learner-driven enquiry. Personal Choice: concrete place/object Observation – description Generating questions Uncovering Narratives Mapping Connecting with existing knowledge Interface with curriculum requirements Assessment¬† – validation The blog also … Continue reading

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