IET Radio - broadcasting to H802

Welcome to this IET Radio page, hosted in the Open University Knowledge Media Institute. Here we offer some very simple live features for you - essentially broadcast audio and a live chatroom. Motto of the day: simple but effective.



The last event was scheduled for 10:30 BST, Tuesday 12th June 2001, with Agnes Kukulska-Hulme, Patrick McAndrew and Tom Boyle. A picture of the year 2001 IET Radio presenters is available, as is a log of the chat room which was used by students.

Event Replay (56 mins)

IET-Radio-2000 was scheduled for 10:00 BST on 12th October 2000. This was a simple live radio-like presentation by the H802 Course tutors (Robin Goodfellow; John Pettit; Agnes Kukulska-Hulme, Shelagh Ross, Helen Chappel-Hayios and Patrick McAndrew). Students from the H802 course were able to take part by posting questions and comments about the course via a web page (in real-ish time). You can see a picture of the year 2000 IET Radio presenters. You can also see what the year 2000 cohort of H802 students talked about in that live session.


IET-Radio-1998 was scheduled for 13:00 GMT on 1st October 1998. This was the first live radio-like presentation by the H802 Course tutors (Robin Goodfellow; Robin Mason and Matthew Stratfold). The broadcast team at that time looked like this! And some of the things the students chatted about looked like this.

Configuration page

Go to the Configuration Page for technical advice about any upcoming presentation and to download the appropriate software to enable you to take part.


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