The Stockholm Webcast

On 25th June 1998 the Vice Chancellor of the Open University, Sir John Daniel, gave a web presentation to an international audience of University Administrators who were meeting in Stockholm to discuss the nature of the University of the Future. The presentation was given using a video-conference model (with the speaker talking direct to camera, to a limited audience) but using the KMi Stadium architecture. The Audio/Video was broadcast one-way (free into the internet) and picked up by a web client in the Stockholm auditorium.

Live questions were posted via an instant text chat and responded to through the broadcast, however for the replay this has been replaced by an email interface. Another change to the interface (from live) is the addition of three new (slide) anchors to represent the questions posed. The replay will negotiate bandwith up to about 80 Kbps whereas the live event was targeted at a 56 Kbps line (so it turned out at about 45 Kbps). So to get a realistic feel for live performance high bandwith network users will need to adjust their Real plug-in preferences down to this value.

Quick Check then Go ... Be Patient!

You can view the webcast via one of our audio and slide interfaces. This version has some useful features, and is graphically intensive, so downloading takes some time. Please wait until it seems to have finished loading before hitting any buttons. You may wish to set your disk cache to at least 20Mb and your memory cache to at least 5Mb.

NB. This is only available to Netscape 4+ users, as we make extensive use of layers. We will check this before we allow you to start!

Another obscure feature of the current Real v5 player which we require you to use is that it does not plug-in well to the Macintosh (sad - because this part of the project was entirely created on the Mac!). It is also not very smart at bandwidth negotiation - so we avoid this for live events. However for the replay, we have a number of streams available at different rates that your player can select (mentioned above). Unfortunately, it does this according to what you have told it - so if you have said you are on a t1 line it will ship you a high rate stream (regardless of your current network performance!) Ergo, if you get breaks in the audio visual presentation you should stop it and adjust the connection preference of the plug-in DOWNWARDS. ie. right click on a plug-in element (volume slider, the status info, or the paused clip) and Edit Prefences for the Connection - Bandwidth. The stream must be stopped to allow you to do this! Fortunately, the v6 player (aka g2) fixes this bug/feature with StreamSmart (very nice). Unfortunately, the v6 beta is somewhat buggy at the moment and we do NOT recommend its use in the stadium!

Finally, it is worth noting that (having switched on dynamic fonts - quite cool, I feel), that they sometimes blow away some versions of the browser under some conditions. So if you are getting strange crashes with some of these pages - you might try switching dynamic fonts off for a while ... (this is an Edit Preferences - Appearance - Fonts item in the browser menus)!

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