OCML Language and Tools

The OCML modelling language supports the construction of knowledge models by means of several types of constructs. It allows the specification and operationalization of functions, relations, classes, instances and rules. It also includes mechanisms for defining ontologies and problem solving methods, the main technologies developed in the knowledge modelling area. About a dozen projects in KMi are currently using OCML to provide modelling support for applications in areas such as knowledge management, ontology development, e-commerce and knowledge based system development. OCML modelling is also supported by a large library of reusable models, providing a useful resource for the knowledge modelling community. This library can be accessed through the WebOnto editor.

Similar to UPML, a Protégé-2000 based OCML editor has been resently produced by Monica Crubezy. In addition, to make OCML libraries be used in the IBROW environment, we have worked out an XML syntax for OCML (ocml.dtd). To facilitate the the publication of an OCML library in XML, we are working on a parser which will be used to translate a OCML specification to an XML document with the document type declaration ocml.dtd. The parser will be available on-line soon.