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The Open University on iTunes U project is an initiative of the Knowledge Media Institute (KMi) and the division of Learning and Teaching Solutions (LTS).  The project website explains a little about the background to the programme of work, and the main direction of our effort over the next few years.

In June 2008, the Open University launched a new channel in Apple’s University podcasting concept, iTunes U.  This project supports the work on this channel and seeks to move beyond it for current and new students.

Through 2007 North American Universities have been using Apple’s iTunes as a powerful platform to reach their students and the wider world. Then on June 3 2008, Apple finally invited some other countries into this exciting channel. The 3 European Universities to launch at that time were The Open University, University College London (in the UK) and Trinity, Dublin (Ireland). Each of us launched with a pretty decent selection of materials and podcasts. At launch, the OU had around 300 a/v elements from about 30 of its courses; no lectures, per se – we don’t really do that sort of thing you know! Instead you can get useful video concepts from hot, currently running courses that you can use to understand the nature of the topic – from Globalization in a case study of the US/Mexico border, to computer control systems for milking organic cows! And, if you like, you can click a link and sign right up for the full experience. Since the launch we have been steadily adding elements from our courses – check out the ‘impact’ link above to see where we have got to.

So now, you can use your iPod, iPhone or iTunes on your computer to quickly and easily synchronise with your OU course.

Launch the Open University on iTunes U in the iTunes application, and have a look.

BUT this is just the start of a long process for us…

The iTunes U project will see a number of key innovations for the Open University through 2009 and 2010.  And this website will lead you into and through these.