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Paul Alexander

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Robbie Bays

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Harriett Cornish

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Damian Dadswell

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Project Details



The KICS project aims to provide a level support that has previously been unavailable to KMi. The KMi IT & Systems Team will officially support calendar clients, which use the KICS system, on multiple operating systems. These are clients and platforms are:

    Windows: Outlook 2003 and 2007
    Mac Leopard & Snow Leopard: iCal
    iPhone & iPod Touch: iCal
    Linux (Redhat & Ubuntu): Sunbird

Additional support will be available in the form of documentation, which will guide users through to installation and troubleshoot problems.


KICS offers the flexibility of bi-directional calendars on multiple operating systems and clients – something that up-until-now had not been supported.

The new system also offers an embedded version of calendars created via KICS on the KMi Intranet, which means you can view your calendars from any browser, on any system, located anywhere in the world.


Select your Application

downloadable documents on installation and troubleshooting will be available here soon.


Moving Forward on the Project

We will look to integrate selected tags from personal and event calendars into the Kallect project.

What is it?

Kallect is a tag-based event aggregator for ics calendar files developed in association with iCOPER.

The Kallect system automatically checks all registered calendar feeds once a day and the aggregated calendar feeds for the tags are correspondingly updated.

So, if you are working as part of a larger group of people, it is easy to find out what is going on and what are the upcoming events for you and your project members.

How does it work?

Kallect works by users registering to become a member of a specific project which has been created on the system. Once they are part of a project, a user can simply register their public calendar feeds. Aggregation is achieved by the system searching calendar feeds for specific keywords (specific to each project). Consequently, all of a user's events which are marked with valid tags are retrieved and combined into the aggregated ics feeds. There is one feed for each valid tag.

Supported Applications

Outlook iCal Google Calendar

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