Concept Map

4. Create new link to data, examples, graphs, images, etc    When? Who? represent Concept map is a a diagram showing the relationships in between concepts 3. Establish connections between concepts using  verbs or prepositions to describe the associations   Events Words Concepts   Perceived Regularities based on Symbols  Associations between This association between prior and new knowledge  can be represented through a tree structure with objects and lines, from global to specific concepts through Concept maps are very useful to understand theories, communicate complex ideas and visualise a set of concepts from a systemic perspective.  Hierarchical structure 1. Write down a main concept on the top labeled with  Concept Map  Students and researchers can create a network of  knowledge facilitating their understanding. How? Why?  Prior Knowledge Propositions  Meaningful Learning Meaningful learning involves the assimilation of new concepts and propositions into existing cognitive structures   Organised Knowledge 2. Identify new concepts related to the topic based on your prior knowledge 5. Use different colours: text and background to group and classify concepts. How can a concept map be created?  New Knowledge What is a Concept Map? What?   Objects