PATient Workflow MANagement System

        Telematics Applications Project HC4017

Keywords: Medical Informatics, Knowledge-based Systems, Knowledge Management, Ontologies, Workflow Management Systems

Short Project Description

The PATMAN project aims at promoting an effective and efficient health-care delivery by providing
integrated support for tackling medical and organisational issues during patient management. A major objective
of this project is to demonstrate that health care organisations could benefit by the applications of
workflow management techniques, as many industrial and commercial organisations do.

The project will consist of the following steps:

  1. Development of a representation formalism for clinical guidelines and protocols.
  2. Development of a a set of tools supporting the deployment of medical guidelines and protocols in the context of specific work practices in helth-care settings.

  3. Empirical evaluation of these tools in one or more health-care centres.


PatMan Discussion Forum

The PatMan Discussion Forum supports debate centered on a specific medical guideline and provides access to a semantic query-answering engine. You can either access the Discussion Forum directly, or you can download some ScreenCam movies, illustrating its main features.

Official Project Page

Click here to access the PatMan Official Project Page, which is maintained by the University of Pavia.

KMI Contact point

Enrico Motta