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The window through which users will access information from networks is widening. It will include
• access from phones, navigating the web with natural language voice commands
• WAP and SMS text messaging
• high bandwidth 3rd generation mobile phones.

Advances in speech recognition, natural language interfaces and software assistants will mean that the way we interact with information and each other over the network will soon be very different too. The range of services available on the Internet could soon be available wherever you are, whenever you need it.

The popularity of text messaging, mobiles and email shows that people-to-people services are the ones that really catch the popular imagination. With this opening window, not just individuals, but groups, clubs, organisations and communities can keep in touch easily. The range of applications for these technologies will link more people and communities than was previously possible using only computer terminals.

The new concept of ‘mobility portal’ is not just a cut down version of existing web-based applications for handheld devices. It includes the idea of a user terminal that's independent of the device. Using user profiles, the system picks up who the user is, how and from where they are accessing the network, and sends information appropriate to the device being used.

This new combination of mobile and fixed phones and the Internet will keep people connected to the groups that matter to them.

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