John Domingue and Enrico Motta

KMi Planet is a web based news server which facilitates communication within a our laboratory and allows the wider community to access lab-related items of interest. It has now been running successfully for nearly three years and the archive contains over a hundred stories. Due to its success an number of knowledge management challenges have arisen: how to provide semantic search and knowledge retrieval facilities in an effective and sustainable way; how best to provide individualized presentations and news alerts; how best to emulate the behaviour of a newsroom team. To address these challenges we have developed an integrated suite of tools, which is called PlanetOnto. These tools allow ontology-driven document formalization and augment standard browsing and search facilities with deductive knowledge retrieval. In addition, the PlanetOnto architecture includes specialized agents, which provide personalized news feeds and alerts and can proactively identify potentially interesting news items.

There are some relevant papers about this work:

Knowledge Media Institute
The Open University, U.K.