Some Experimental Designs...

These are a series of game concepts which are currently under development as part of the research. This section of the site will be updated frequently.

Click on a thumbnail for a larger image and more versions.

Maze concept

A maze-like hunting game, where one color-coded group attempts to capture another, which tries to find the right exit to escape.

Time Travel Game

This concept takes advantage of location based technologies on wireless platforms and players' presence information with the goal of discovering a city map more than hundred years old.

Wireless Tag Game

A multiplayer chasing game on a mobile phone, originating from the 'tag' playground game.

BumperCollision Game

A game based on the concept of 'bumper cars'. This game serves as an experimental approach and several versions can help identify the parameters mentioned above. One version gives random color-coded group division, another introduces particular aims of capturing other players, another one requires cooperation to get through a narrow exit and so on.


Flash version not available yet- see screenshot