Presence- Based Multi-user play...

Yanna Vogiazou 's Directory of work on Massive MultiPlayer Presence, drawing on links from the worlds of games, wireless and location based applications and instant messaging

Yanna's work is focused on the notion of 'presence' in the online and wireless connected world and investigates the potential of massive multiplayer games and playful multiuser interaction based purely on 'presence' information. For this purpose her research uses examples from interdisciplinary areas, such as social psychology experiments, multiplayer game design and Instant Messaging. Ideas are currently developed on how the number of players would work more as an advantage rather than as a restriction in a 'presence' based multiplayer game.


See the Design Concepts section for some game prototype ideas.

The site currently contains links to some examples from a variety of areas, divided into three categories: games, wireless applications and a multi-user section, which includes links to Instant Messaging and other applications enabling a multi-user presence.

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