A mutli-functional portable wireless device, particularly appealing to children. Includes e-mail,WAP browser, games, chat, organiser and MP3 player. Multi-player gaming is possible, for example "Lost in the Labyrinth" (

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Wireless Games Review

A good resource to keep up with. Has a lot of reviews on WAP games, but maybe more is about to come...

Last visited on 13/02/02

Mobile Entertainment Forum

A consortium of companies and organizations involved in this constantly developing field. Interesting news and conference info, from the industry's perspective.

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Blackberrry Solutions

Wireless e-mail service. A wireless handheld device used in the US, which allows users to access an Internet mailbox wherever they go.

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Mobile Communities

A portal with mainly news and research on the development of mobile communities. A few interesting links.

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A massive portal on wireless technologies, international news, events, resources, industry links etc. Mainly focusing on Bluetooth, 3G and mobile internet. Registration required to access articles (free).

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Mobile Games Interoperability Forum- news

July 3 2001
Ericsson, Motorola, Nokia and the Siemens Information and Communication Mobile Group (IC Mobile) launch the MGI forum to define a mobile games interoperability specification for network-based servers..

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Unwiredfactory- LBS games

Some very interesting, quite experimental wireless games ideas from this Danish company which focuses on location based entertainment services. See the crowd machine, treasurehunt and other ideas...

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It's Alive- mobile games company

A swedish company developing what can be called 'pervasive' mobile gaming, using location-based technologies, for example see 'Botfighters'. Also developed 'X-Fire' with UK Channel 4- a mobile game that complements a TV show.

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Bluefactory- mobile games company

Another swedish company working in the same area has developed 'Hunters and Collectors', where players challenge each other using SMS and global positioning technologies.

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Digital Bridges- mobile entertainment multinational company

A UK based multinational company, that has developed the UNITY platform, which supports multiple network protocols and languages. The company has also developed a wireless entertainment publishing channel, Wirelessgames. ( see also

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A multi-media game- The Nokia Game

A game based on sms,e-mail, watching clues on tv and played online. This game evolves in real time.

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A WAP based multi-player game-The Lifestylers

You choose a particular type of character-a lifestyler.The main goal of this game is to make your character a celebrity representing a certain lifestyle.

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Mobile Millionaire Game

The famous "Who wants to be a millionaire?" game in its WAP and sms version, developed by motorola- a news article.

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