Habbo Hotel

One of the coolest multiuser chat applications online. You create your cartooony funky avatar and go straight to the hotel bar...See the games section for multiuser games as well (e.g. sissyfight).


Last visited on 12/06/02


A 'total' instant messaging system iPulse, which connects users by computer, PDA, or mobile phone. iPulse allows instant messages to PCs and mobile devices, voice chat, PC-to-Phone calls, personal profile and presence management.


Last visited on 8/02/02

Fall 2001 Presence and Instant Messaging (PIM)

A conference for professionals working in areas of Instant Messaging. Looking at basic messaging, as well as enhanced products like presence management, unified messaging, gaming, m-commerce, and people-finding.

Last visited on 27/11/01

Odigo Instant Messaging and Presence

Odigo develops instant messaging & presence solutions for various platforms. Some of the best IM clients are available here, partisularly the Windows one.

Last visited on 27/11/01


A very interesting application by the Swedish carrier Telia, which uses mobile positioning to help you locate your contacts and send them messages...Read the press release.

Last visited on 13/02/02


A company focusing on development and marketing of presence-based wireless communications software technology. Particularly interesting their Multimedia Messaging Service Extender.

Last visited on 27/11/01


This company has developed the IM-Anywhere, a platform for wireless messaging, presence management and location-based services. It enables cross-platform messaging for all sorts of devices. Interesting to check...

Last visited on 13/12/01


A company that provides appllications which extend Jabber technology and provide real-time mobile access to communication and presence management.

Last visited on 13/02/02

PAM Forum

The PAM Forum is an independent consortium for establishing and promoting presence and availability management (PAM) as an industry standard. The focus of the PAM Forum is to develop and promote a presence and availability interface specification that enables software vendors and service providers to bring personalized, interoperable communications services to market.

Last visited on 27/11/01

Instant Messaging Planet

Good resource for articles and news on IM, with a focus though on enterprise messaging.

Last visited on 13/12/01

Ericsson Messaging Documentation

Interesting documentation on Multimedia Messaging. You can download white papers on MMS from this link. Loads of technical stuff as well.

Last visited on 13/12/01

Microsoft Telepresence Research

A project investigating gaze-awareness and the sense of space to video-conferencing. Another project seeks to support capture, storage, and management of a variety of personal media online.

Last visited on 27/11/01

BT Telepresence Research

"Telepresence" is a Campaign on the Corporate Research Programme within ART (Applied Research and Technologies). Its aim seems to be to challenge the notion of telephony as the principal means of remote communications.

Last visited on 27/11/01