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Knowledge Hunter

An example of a 'mobile' game using RFID technology.

Knowledge Hunter is a simple idea for a 'mobile' game that involves answering a question (usually related to the current location) to get directions to the next location in the game, until all locations have been visited. A unique RFID tag is placed at each of the locations. This 'triggers' the portable PDA/RFID reader carried by each participant, to display a certain question when it comes into close proximity with the correct tag.

The Knowledge Hunter application is written in Macromedia Flash. The data for the questions and locations is loaded into the game using a separate XML file. This file can be altered, or a completely different XML file created with the Editor, to cater for example to different age groups, quiz subjects, or RFID tag locations, depending on the situation. This makes Knowledge Hunter very quick and easy to customize and can turn it into a versatile 'learning tool', as well as simply a 'fun' game.

Prototype in use - the answer to a question is found within a book which contains a 'tag'
  Creating or altering a set of questions with the 'Editor' is quick and simple.

Interactive Example

In the example below, when a location is reached and the tag found, a question related to the location has to be answered correctly in order to get the directions to the next location. A multiple choice format is used, with higher scores gained for choosing the correct answer first. A 'skip' button allows the question to be 'skipped', if for example the tag cannot be found. The locations can be set to be visited in either a random or sequential order depending on the type of quiz required.

There are two test XML files you can use in the example below; quiz.xml displays the questions in a random order and quiz1.xml displays the questions in sequence.

Note: In this example you will have to click a small square button, 'L', to simulate reaching a location. This does not of course appear on the 'full' game.


You will need Macromedia Flash 7 player to see the example.



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