SmartProducts Network of Ontologies

The SmartProducts Network of Ontologies (SPO) provides a clear specification of the conceptual model underlying the work on the SmartProducts project, and maximises interoperability not just among all SmartProducts applications, but also between these and other applications in related domains. SPO comprises three different sets of modules, which reflect different levels of abstraction and reuse, from the most generic to the application-specific ones. Because each layer is itself divided into several sub-modules, we obtain a highly modular design, which makes it possible to reduce the parts to be used by a device, depending on its functionalities - e.g., no need to use the process model on devices that only serve as data providers.

SPO builds on established external ontologies, including the DOLCE Ultra Lite Ontology, the W3C time ontology, and the recently proposed W3C Semantic Sensor Network ontology.

SmartProducts Ontology

OWL modules can be accessed from the links below: