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sportscoach screenThe main challenge of the Sportscoach website prototype was to provide on-line sports coaching for a mainly younger audience. The site also had to include a forum, listings of local sports related information and clubs from around the country, information for teachers and schools, shopping facilities, and other content, and this would all have to be incorporated into a package that would appeal to potential sponsors.

It was decided to base the site on the Macromedia Flash technology, but using QuickTime and HTML when appropriate to do so. Flash allowed us to create the animated coaching techniques integral to the site. Users can choose to play the animations in real-time, or step through with captions and detailed photographs that highlight important points of the particular skill being taught.

The window was a fixed size of 800x480, split into three horizontal frames. The content for the first two frames was created in Flash and would remain constant throughout the site. The top frame contains the Sportscoach logo and space for the main sponsor advertising. The second frame contains a row of buttons that provide the user with 'one click' access to the main areas of the site at all times. The third and largest frame holds the sites 'content' which can be Flash, QuickTime or HTML depending on the page.

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