Prototype KMi Stadium (Aerial View)

This is a mockup of our forthcoming Java version. Be sure to read the instructions below to get the greatest benefit from the accompanying audio & visual effects.

Henry Lieberman
Marc Eisenstadt


The above view depicts one possible 'veneer' among many, including:

The LISTEN button automatically launches a live audio stream, when one is in progress, or alternatively a replay of a previously-recorded session with the guest speaker.

You can click on the small 'slide show' (at the lower left of the above image) in order to observe the guest presenter's own graphics. In the forthcoming version, all graphics and animations will appear 'in line' within the above view. Special audio effects such a laughter and applause will also be provided.

Only some of the above buttons are functional in this prototype version. Try them!

Finally, please note that we have a dedicated Web page with background information about KMi Stadium.

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