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CNM have been working to support a local heritage project - Bletchley Park - Station X - the WWII codebreakers who, amongst other things invented the first computer and broke the ENIGMA code. The only way to discover which of our ideas they liked is to visit their website!


Enigma Machine

During the project we had the chance to photograph in detail a 4 Rotor Marine Enigma Machine. These were used by the Germans to encode and decode important military orders and messages during WW2. Click the link below if you would like to see some of the pictures.

4 Rotor Marine Enigma machine


1. A Planet-Style News Service

We used the CNM Rostra news server system to produce an on-line news service for the park.

2. Demonstration Screensavers
Click the links below to download the installer file (exe).
(Run the file when downloaded and follow the simple install instructions.)

1 Items (1.9M)
2 Uniforms (1.9M)
3 Warbirds (1.5M)

3. Screenshots to illustrate web site redesign concepts.

Click on an
image to see a full size screen shot.


Idea 1
Front page idea. Contains latest news information panel and special offers area. Titled as Station X. The main links are in code that resolves when a mouse rolls over them. They are duplicated at the top of the page. Also contains basic but useful information on the left hand panel.

Idea 1a
As idea 1 but has a blue and orange panel on the left.

Idea 2
As idea 1 but has a smaller 'heading' graphic.

Idea 3
Front page idea. Dark blue background. Large links as codes. Different style of Station X logo.

Idea 4
Front page idea - as idea 3 but on a plain black background.

Idea 5
'Content' example page for Shop.
Possible shop/mail order design with the 'standard' plinth to the left and a blue/orange header panel carrying the page title.

Idea 6
Similar to idea 5 but with 'torn' type heading and colour coded 'sections/links' i.e. shop pages would be headed in dark blue.

Idea 7
'Content' example for Shop page with the left hand panel removed and links only on the header panel. The page title is on the orange 'tube'. Special offers/promotions would be in the panel on the right.

Idea 8
Similar to idea 7 for a 'Visiting the Park' page. Has a 'grey ruled' background and a black to blue tint on the heading panel background.

Idea 9
Front page idea with grey ruled background.

4. Online Game and Interactive Exercise ideas

1 Listen to morse code (Macromedia Shockwave required)
2 Try sending morse code (Macromedia Shockwave required)
3 Children's intoduction to codes part 1 (Macromedia Flash required)
4 Children's intoduction to codes part 2 (Macromedia Flash required)
5 Children's intoduction to codes part 3 (Macromedia Flash required)
6 SubHunt (Macromedia Flash required)

Updated 17/02/03