Language learning assessment to the Common European Framework

KMi joined the webCEF project on language learning assessments, based on the Common European Framework of Reference. Our work package was to develop an on-line accessment tool.

webCEF allows:
  • language learners to let their samples be assessed by teachers all over Europe
  • language teachers the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues across Europe and to improve their skills in the use of the CEF scales
  • language researchers the access to a vast database of samples and assessments

webCEF | Annotate

The webCEF media annotation tool allows both mentors and students to view, assess and comment on video recordings, recorded using KMi's FlashVlog tool or uploaded from previously-recorded media which is transcoded on-the-fly.

webCEF | Assessments
Assessments are made by individuals but can be shared by others in the group, either with students or with other mentors, for comparison.

webCEF | FlashVlog
We integrated our FlashVlog tool to allow webCEF users to quickly record media for annotation in the system. FlashVlog requires no special hardware (any webcam) or software (just the Flash plugin) to operate and since the recording is made directly to the server, there is no waiting for transcoding before the video is available.

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The webCEF project runs until September 2009 and is funded under the Socrates - Minerva programme of the European Commission.