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XO - the automatic presentation creator

Are your presentations a little flabby? You need to XO-Size them!

The playback engine XO Stage and its companion editing tools XO Editor and XO ButtonEd make the creation and viewing of multimedia presentations a breeze. It uses a combination of Apple QuickTime and Macromedia Flash to provide an easy way to create professional looking presentations.

XO Stage
This QuickTime based viewer will combine a QuickTime movie with an accompanying slide show, which can be streamed over the internet or recorded on to CD. A streaming QuickTime movie can be created in multiple versions to satisfy a variety of clients with differing connection speeds. The slide show can be produced from a single Flash swf file containing multiple slides, or a number of individual swf files, or indeed any combination. These Flash files need to be contained inside QuickTime 'mov' files, which is a simple export option from the Flash application. Bitmap images in jpg or gif format may also be used, or even another QuickTime movie!

The presentation can run through automatically (for a kiosk application for example), or the viewer can jump to sections using the scrollable 'slide tray' which is created automatically from a list of section titles and times. Rewind, Play, Pause and Mute buttons are also provided for the convenience of the viewer.

XO Editor
Creating an XO presentation is simply a matter of importing a QuickTime movie and a series of 'slides', (Flash swf files, jpgs or gifs, or even other QuickTime movies!), into the XO Editor application. The XO Editor provides an easy to use interface, that allows you to 'collect' and organize these resources into your XO Stage presentation. When you are finished, XO Editor will create a folder containing the complete presentation and all of its components - ready to run!


XO ButtonEd
To complete the XO software suite, XO ButtonEd is included to make it really easy to create a launch button for your XO Stage presentation, if required for use on a web page.


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The XO Users Manual in PDF format.