New Performance Paradigms: ‘New Languages’ An International Symposium

3 01 2008

Symposium organised at the University of Salford by Mary Oliver; 20th November 2007. Salford news article at:

This was a lively event discussing theatrical concepts of ‘nowness’ and ‘liveness’ especially for theatrical performances, although covered virtual spaces especially 2nd Life, and various different recording methods. Helen Bailey presented a range of associated topics relating to the JISC funded StereoBodies and e-Dance projects; which also included an overview of the recent related morphologies performance.

eDance at NPP #1 eDance @ NPP #2

Question to ask is how e-Dance will mix in and relate to liveness – there are it appears 1001 different methods for recording part, most or all of a spatially displaced performance (over space) within an iterative multi-layered (over time) either within one set period or over an unknown multiple periods, event. The debate continues as to what is lost at each recording – and if indeed something actually is gained.



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