ISEA 2008 in Singapore

24 08 2008


Sita and I went to Singapore at the end of July to present the project paper titled “e-Dance: Relocating choreographic practice as a new modality for performance and documentation”.  The conference took place at venues throughout Singapore including the Singapore Management University, National University of Technology, Nang Yang University and Lasalle College of the Arts.

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We both had a really interesting time.  There were some great presentations.  The key-notes by Ken Mogi on Creativity and the Brain and Lev Manovich on Visualising Culture were both particularly relevant to the project. Ken Mogi constructed a view of creativity from the perspective of Evolutionary Psychology.  He drew parallels between memory and creativity in terms of brain function.  He talked about the ‘feeling of knowing’ as referred to by Psychologists and Neuroscientists. This seems particularly relevant in relation to Simon’s previous post. 

There was a juried exhibition as part of the symposium and various shows that included a range of installation art work, the majority of which focused on interactivity. 

 iseaexodus.jpg iseainteractive.jpg

The most compelling performance experience was “True” a Japanese dance-theatre work created collaboratively by an interdisciplinary team of artists and technologists (some of which were members of Dumb Type).  The integration of technology into the live work was so subtlely managed, it was a visual, visceral, auditory treat.





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