ISEA2008 in Singapore

24 04 2008

A paper proposed by the project team has been accepted for presentation at ISEA2008, the International Symposium of Electronic Arts.  The title of the paper is – e-Dance: Relocating Choreographic Practice a New Modality for Performance and Documentation.  It will then be published via Leonardo in the conference proceedings.

Ersatz Dance article in the IJPADM

26 09 2007

An article that discusses the evolving relationship to technology in the practice-led research of Ersatz Dance will be published later this year in the International Journal of Performing Arts & Digital Media.


Helen Bailey

Abstract: This paper will focus on the practice-led research of dance-theatre company, Ersatz Dance and how the Company has negotiated and defined the relationship between live and mediated performance in their work. It will track the evolving relationship the Company has with a range of technologies. It will focus on the impact of recent research using virtual research environments (VREs). It will consider the ways in which VREs can provide a new context for practice-led research in dance. It will focus on the role VREs have played in defining new methodological approaches to composition and the contribution to the ongoing debates concerning ‘presence’, ‘liveness’ and ‘virtual embodiment’ in performance.

Preprint: bailey_ijpadm2007.pdf

Presentation at DRHA2007

9 09 2007

A presentation introducing the e-Dance project was given today by Helen Bailey at DRHA2007 Dartington College of Arts, Devon on 9 September 2007.   Slides:  drha2007_slides.pdf