Project Sandpit

14 10 2008

The whole project team (Helen, Sita, Martin, Simon, Andrew, Anja and Michelle) spent two days together in Manchester last week 9-10 October.   The focus of the ‘sandpit’ was the software development aspect of the project.  It was a really good opportunity to bring the two areas of tool development together to look at the respective purpose and function of each and to consider any overlap.  We had some particularly heated discussions around the representation of ‘time’ within the two tools and the significance of structural/relative time to absolute time. There were also some very interesting discussions concerning interface design.  We then focused on mapping out the year and thinking about the continuation of the research at the end of this funded period and what areas of activity we might pursue.  As the project builds momentum at the half way point there is a real sense of excitement about the developments we are making and the potential trajectory the research might take in the medium term.

Sandpit Discussions