First photos over BGAN

Screen grab of photo thumbnail screen and Skype text chat.

The first data to come from Nicaragua over the BGAN - thumbnail images of photos.

Yesterday as well as talking on Skype, Paul and Carlos set up the BGAN terminal on the hotel roof and sent us back the first set of photos.

Paul’s Asus Eee PC 901 was running as a web server (using LAMPP). The Linksys WRT54GL he was using as a router gave him a local wireless network and registered the IP address it was given by the BGAN terminal (operating on modem mode) with our DynDNS service.

Using our DynDNS address I could see the server on my web browser, and I could view the thumbnails and full size images using the PHP script we use for photos.

It may not look like much but it’s a good start.

Photo from Nicaragua hotel with Skype text chat window.

The first full size photo received from Nicaragua using the BGAn terminal sited on the hotel roof - 10th February 2010.