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Photos and some Skype over the BGAN from Masaya Volcano

Video screen clip of photos downloading over the BGAn link

Photo download video clip (5.4MB) - showing the time taken to download a new thumbnail page and a new photo.

On Saturday Paul went back up to Masaya volcano for a couple of hours in the morning. Again we used the BGAN terminal to connect to the Internet. As before, we used Skype text chat throughout as our back channel for communication. The Ricoh WiFi camera worked well for taking pictures and sending them over the local WiFi network to the Asus server, where I could then access them from the UK. This time I managed to get a video of the process to show the performance of the service (see clip). The thumbnail images came down in about 11 seconds and a full picture took about 23 seconds. This is certainly usable for getting live photos from the field.

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Masaya Volcano: Video test from day 3

Screen grab image of Skype video call with Paul in Nicaragua using the hotel ADSL cable connection - 10th February 2010

Paul doing a five finger lag test on a Skype video call using the hotel's ADSL cable connection (8.8MB mp4 video)

Yesterday Paul and I chatted on Skype using Skype’s video phone option. Here’s the video I recorded from my screen, while we did a quick five finger test. This test involves putting up your hand and holding out your fingers then closing each finger as you count down from five to none. The video gives a reasonable indication of lag.