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CNM Hexagon
the centre for new media

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A research project into persistent presence

No new accounts are being issued for the current Hexagon version. This policy will be reviewed when a new version is released. Many thanks for your interest and please continue to use the free demo.

Some of Hexagon's features:

Uses 'standard' web technologies and pictures from your webcam.
No installation - If you have Flash 9 browser plug-in you can run it!
Private 'rooms' created for each virtual community.
Continually updating 'snapshots' provide tremendous feeling of 'presence'.
Comprehensive Text Chat.
Audio communication.
'Status' indicator.

Hexagon Lite

Hexagon Lite

Hexagon Lite is the 'reduced feature' version of CNM Hexagon, with lower system demands. It is ideal for PDA or handheld type computers, or lower powered desktop machines with no
web cam.

Produces a powerful 'team-building' video 'presence'
Creates a 'live map' of a dispersed community
Includes both text & voice communication

Hexes screen
Hexagon 'Hexes' screen (shown above approx. 2/3 size)

"Most users leave Hexagon running all day for a great 'community' experience, others just use it to 'pop in' from time-to-time,
to see what's going on!"

Using only the universal Adobe Flash plug-in running in a standard web browser window, you can keep in touch with colleagues wherever you are in the world, with this secure and private application.
For example, get an immediate response from a colleague to a 'quick' question using the inbuilt text or voice chat and most importantly actually see them while you are doing so!
A picture can tell you so much... Do they look too busy to contact? Do they have visitors? Are they on the phone? Or just temporarily away?
Whether you are working at home for the day, or away at a conference for a while, you can still feel part of the team. Remote working is not so remote any more!
You could even consider positioning a few cameras around your workplace to monitor areas like the front door (who is that visitor?), photocopier room (is it free?), or coffee area (has a new pot just been made?!).

Hexagon also includes:
text chat Comprehensive text chat room. Send your message to an individual or to 'all' of the people present. Includes visual and audible indicators for new messages, plus many more features.
hex mail HexMail - send a message to a registered user not currently in the room and they will see it the next time they enter the room.
voice chat If you need to speak to someone, they are just a click away! Hexagon includes private easy to use voice chat between two people.
preferences screen The preferences section lets you personalize many aspects of Hexagon to your own requirements.