Class DefaultExtension

All Implemented Interfaces:
Extension, MessageExtension, Packet, PresenceExtension, QueryExtension,

public class DefaultExtension
extends XMLData
implements MessageExtension, QueryExtension, PresenceExtension, Packet

DefaultExtension is a backend-specific handler for extensions which are not known. Like all other Extension-derived objects, the one real requirement is that it be able to render itself back as equivalent XML.

Note: It is recommended that this class not be programmed directly for - it is backend specific, and could change substantially in the future - plus a serialized representation does not result in maintainable code

See Also:
MessageExtension, QueryExtension, PresenceExtension, Serialized Form

Constructor Summary
DefaultExtension(java.lang.String Element, java.lang.String XMLNS, java.lang.String XMLSnippet)
          Creates a new DefaultExtension instance.
Method Summary
 void appendItem(java.lang.StringBuffer retval)
          Returns the XML representation for the data contained within.
 java.lang.String getXMLNamespace()
          getXMLNamespace returns the XML namespace
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Constructor Detail


public DefaultExtension(java.lang.String Element,
                        java.lang.String XMLNS,
                        java.lang.String XMLSnippet)
                 throws java.lang.InstantiationException
Creates a new DefaultExtension instance.

XMLNS - the XML Namespace
XMLSnippet - the full XML to be handled by the extension.
java.lang.InstantiationException - if either parameter is not passed in correctly
Method Detail


public java.lang.String getXMLNamespace()
getXMLNamespace returns the XML namespace

a String holding the XML Namespace


public void appendItem(java.lang.StringBuffer retval)
Returns the XML representation for the data contained within.

Specified by:
appendItem in interface Extension
Specified by:
appendItem in class XMLData
retval - The StringBuffer to append to
a String in XML.