Class XDB

All Implemented Interfaces:
Extension, Packet,

public class XDB
extends ContentPacket

A XDBPacket object represents a single XDB packet, which is used to set and query information between the server components and any data store.

<xdb type="get|set|result|error" to="user@service/namespage">
  <query xmlns="namespace">
    information custom to the namespace..

Note that unlike other basic packet types, XDB does not do any error responses. If there is a problem, the jabber server will retry events until the client component times out. To report errors, use <log> packets.

See Also:
ContentPacket, Serialized Form

Field Summary
protected  java.lang.String action
          action to indicate partial record updates
protected  java.lang.String match
          match string to choose partial record updates
protected  java.lang.String namespace
          Namespace for the packet.
Fields inherited from class org.jabber.jabberbeans.ContentPacket
error, extensions, fromAddress, identifier, toAddress, type
Constructor Summary
XDB(XDBBuilder builder)
          Creates a new InfoQuery instance.
Method Summary
 void appendItem(java.lang.StringBuffer retval)
          appendItem appends the XML representation of the current packet data to the specified StringBuffer.
 java.lang.String getAction()
 java.lang.String getMatch()
 java.lang.String getNamespace()
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Field Detail


protected java.lang.String namespace
Namespace for the packet. e.g. ns="jabber:iq:auth"


protected java.lang.String action
action to indicate partial record updates


protected java.lang.String match
match string to choose partial record updates

Constructor Detail


public XDB(XDBBuilder builder)
    throws java.lang.InstantiationException
Creates a new InfoQuery instance. Note that because of the complexity of the InfoQuery object and because the object is immutable after creation, a builder object is needed in order to construct this object.

builder - an InfoQueryBuilder holding appropriate values
java.lang.InstantiationException - if the values supplied by the InfoQueryBuilder are not sufficient to create a 'correctly-formed' InfoQuery packet.
Method Detail


public java.lang.String getNamespace()


public java.lang.String getAction()


public java.lang.String getMatch()


public void appendItem(java.lang.StringBuffer retval)
appendItem appends the XML representation of the current packet data to the specified StringBuffer.

Specified by:
appendItem in interface Packet
Specified by:
appendItem in class XMLData
retval - The StringBuffer to append to