ERA visits Plymouth to demonstrate at GEES

ERA set up at Devon Great Consols

ERA 'Student' set-up at Devon Great Consols mine

On Monday 29th March (2010) we (John and Trevor) visited the Higher Education Academy’s Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences Subject Centre based at the University of Plymouth. We met with John Maskall and Jason Truscott, and showed them the portable wireless network toolkit we’ve been developing in ERA.

Here is a video clip and some photos from the demo we did at the Devon Great Consols Mine.

Video clip

Video and VoIP at Devon Great Consols Mine (38.8MB streaming video)


The demo team assemble their equipment

'Sherpa' team head out into the wet

ERA team in discussion at the accessible end of the site.

View from the accessible end to the spoil heap downhill

'Sherpa' team heads downhill, overlooked by the wifi router

Jason gives us a damp thumbs up from the top of the hill

Pathway from accessible area to main site

ERA team survey the arsenic bearing spoil heap

View to the accessible area from the upper spoil heap

Uphill from the upper spoil heap to the accessible area

Towards the calciner from the upper spoil heap

Downward edge of the upper spoil heap

Standing water on the lower spoil heap

Across the site from the upper spoil heap

Abandoned machinery from a 1970's project to exploit remaining deposits in the spoil heap

From the derelict arsenic processing works to the spoil heaps

ERA team by remains of ore-grinding equipment

Closer to the derelict ore mill

From the ore mill to the spoil heaps

Jason by the ore mill

Ground ore was heated in this furnace building

The gasses resulting from the heated ore passed along covered channels into a 'calciner'.

Inside the calciner, purified arsenic condensed onto the interior walls

Workers chipped the cooled and solidified arsenic off the walls for use a a pesticide.

Crystals formed on the walls of the calciner

From the vehicle at the accessible area...

The 'Student' team view the site and talk to the 'Sherpas'

An additional IP camera provides an overview of the site

Although the site is not the most challenging from a moblility perspective...

... the South West's weather gave the ERA equipment a fair trial

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