ERA field trip at Plymouth ‘GEES Learning and Teaching’ conference

On-site video feed at Devon Great Consols.

On July 7th, the ERA team and our Plymouth University GEES collaborators John Maskell, Paul Lunt, Jason Truscott, Matt Sharples and Alison Stokes demonstrated the use of remote learning with ERA technology at the Devon Great Consols site. A minibus load of delegates from both the GEES Subject Centre 10th Anniversary Conference and the GEES Early Career Lecturers Workshop were shown a remote investigation of the site, delivered by John Maskall and Paul Lunt, with Matt Sharples as camera operator.

The network deployed for this demonstration built on previous experience with pairs of Ubiquiti routers on different wifi channels to cover a large area for uninterrupted connectivity, providing enough bandwidth for continuous VoIP contact and full frame widescreen video. The delegate audience watched John’s presentation on a battery powered 24″ LCD monitor, which lasted the duration on a single battery due to it’s power efficient LED backlighting.

Devon Great consols network diagram

From the top of the site, the first Nanostation overlooks the Tamar Valley

With the calciner in the background, the Bullet2 router stands on the waste heap.